About Us

We are proudly youth-led. This school was created from the lived experience of 8 young people aged 17-25 who came together to reimagine what a better education system could look and feel like.

Why do we exist?

Many young people quickly fall out of love with their school. It might be relationships with teachers, a rigid education system or blatant bias in how certain students are treated. We aim to embrace those who feel discouraged by the current educational system and encourage them to fall in love with learning.

What we do

We will support their education and career aspirations with a fascinating cultural curriculum, specialist homework support, masterclasses,  mentoring and visits to places of inspiration. We have a small, motivated, community-focused team, all united by the core belief in the power of young people and trust in their ability to guide our direction.

Our Goals

To create fierce critical thinkers who have the self belief to engage their brains, question inherited truths and find creative ways to learn that bring enlightenment and joy.

To create an education system that works for the needs of our young people fairly, enabling success and ensuring that they enter the next phase of their lives happy, confident and feeling connected to a wider society that cares about them.

Rekindle plots a bold disruptive way forward

There is a widely held belief that when students or teachers are failing to thrive in the UK school system, there must be something wrong with them. They’re just not cut out for it.  We don’t have the courage to face the fact our system is antiquated, unfair and stifling of joy and wellbeing in staff and young people alike. Rekindle plots a bold disruptive way forward.

Ruth Ibegbuna

Founder and CEO

Our team

Our staff team and trustees are passionate changemakers, mainly young and all with powerful, recent, lived experience of the UK comprehensive education system.

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Global lessons for a new supplementary school in Manchester

Please read our fantastic commissioned report from Dr Laura Pottinger on comparative models of supplementary schools in other countries across the world and the lessons Rekindle can learn from them.

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Why Moss Side? Why Rekindle?

We’re proud to share this original new report from Eli Manderson Evans about Moss Side, Manchester and the real community found within.

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Support us

By making a donation to Rekindle, you’ll be supporting the young people who attend the supplementary school.