Our curriculum focuses on the needs of young people, teaching them life skills that they can use to increase their social mobility and live safe, independent lives.

Critical Thinkers

We aim to produce confident, critical thinkers educated in real life skills. Simple skills and lessons like: money management; CV support; Job interview preparation and much more. We also provide access to future employment networks to enable our young people to soar beyond the school gates.


Our SNAP acronym helps us to streamline our work into key areas of focus.


The young people at Rekindle will have 1-2-1 homework support provided by local university students. It is a priority that Rekindle aids students with the education they receive in their mainstream schools. Our  young people will receive designated sessions where they have a safe space to express any challenges or concerns they may have. We believe it is our duty of care to ensure the young people (and staff) at Rekindle have mental wellbeing as an absolute core priority.


At Rekindle, we asked young people what was their biggest barrier to learning. Their answer? Hunger. We fervently believe that plentiful healthy food should be available to all; stigma free. We provide each young person with a free, freshly cooked hot meal, where we all put down mobile phones, eat and talk together. We also provide thoughtful care packages to make sure all hygiene needs are met.


We provide services, workshops and educational visits that will celebrate the achievements of the Rekindle young people. We provide each child with opportunities to thrive and explore ambitious career pathways that connect with their interests.


It is our mission to have the best safeguarding measures put in place to ensure that the Rekindle space and those that use it are protected to the best of our abilities. Rekindle has a young board of Trustees that prioritises the needs and safety of the young people that work with us. It is our responsibility to make sure that all of our users feel protected at Rekindle.

Rekindle’s Soulful education curriculum:

We focus on developing fierce critical thinkers who are self aware, who understand themselves, their peers and the society they will help to build in the future. Alongside our SNAP framework we use the Four C’s: Critical thinking, Creativity, Changemaking and Cultural Education

Critical thinking

Young people are challenged to think for themselves and form their own conclusions.


We have imagination, joy and creativity running through the heart of all we do.


Our pupils are pushed to problem-solve and find solutions to challenges in their community.

Cultural education

A curriculum that evolves constantly and reflects the interests of the young cohort.

Support us

By making a donation to Rekindle, you’ll be supporting the young people who attend the supplementary school.