Donating to Rekindle

Every penny donated to Rekindle goes to helping us reignite a love of learning and offer fierce protection to the children in our care.


Why Donate?

There are so many good causes that deserve support and so little money to keep going. Anything you can spare will be gratefully received.


Every young person deserves to feel someone will try and catch them before they fall.



Life is hard and often the teenage years are hardest of all.



You can help every child realise that they matter.


How you can make a difference

Your donation helps us to invest in lasting social, economic, cultural and political change for the local community. Support us to effect grassroots change and deliver impactful work for the most marginalised groups.  Enable us to provide the framework, inspiration and support for working class young people to explore their full potential.

How we are funded

Rekindle has been fortunate enough to receive funding from a wide range of Trusts and Charitable Foundations. We are also incredibly grateful to have many ordinary individuals who donate a small amount every month or who take on challenges and sporting feats to raise money for us. Thank you all for your belief in us.

Funded by

  • Katy R — £40 + £10 Gift Aid
  • Anna — £30 + £7.50 Gift Aid
  • Kayzi, Emmanuel and Roman — £20
  • Dan P — £20
  • Anonymous friend — £65K
  • Akilah — £50
  • Anita Morris Associates — £100
  • Callum O — £20
  • Marina N — £20
  • Mike & Dawn — £50
  • Nina — £30
  • Laurie B — £20
  • Omni RMS — £100
  • Katy S — £10
  • Alex T — £20
  • Dougal — £100
  • Nigel W — £50

Support us

By making a donation to Rekindle, you’ll be supporting the young people who attend the supplementary school.