Time is a precious commodity – can you volunteer
time with us?

Help them achieve their potential

We believe that young people deserve access to a safe supportive network of adults who will work alongside them and help them achieve their potential. Whether that’s helping with homework, mentoring, volunteering at events or helping decorate our space, we need good people to help us achieve our mission.

Join our village

Do you have patience?

Would you have the patience to help an anxious 11 year old revise for an important school test?

Do you have time?

Do you have time to volunteer with our back office team, helping with admin tasks and lightening our load?

Work with us

Do you want to help us but you’re not sure how – come and have a chat and we’ll find out what works for us both!

Get involved today

We are keen to expand our networks, make new friends and provide exciting new opportunities for Rekindle young people. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Josie, our Volunteer & Community Partnerships Lead.

Word on the street

Volunteering with Rekindle helped develop my own confidence. I led a financial literacy workshop at 17 years old to young people, aged 12 and 13. They enjoyed it and I was proud to have delivered something of real quality.

Aged 18

Spending time with the staff and students at Rekindle didn’t feel like work. I enjoyed feeling useful and the young people were polite and interesting. I’d do it again in an instant!

University student volunteer

How you can make a difference

Giving up some time, sharing your skills, demonstrating to young people that you care enough to spend time with them, to listen deeply and engage with a group is a much needed skill. We are looking for good people to join our village and demonstrate that young people should be seen, heard and supported.

Support us

By making a donation to Rekindle, you’ll be supporting the young people who attend the supplementary school.