Rekindle Foundation

We are building the Rekindle Foundation for a fairer, brighter, more joyful future

The educational experience every learner deserves

The Rekindle Foundation will provide the framework, inspiration and support for young people, their families and their educators to have the educational experience every learner deserves: a joyful, meaningful, powerful and inclusive UK approach to teaching and learning that catches our students and school staff before they fall.

Youth-Led Research Opportunity

The Rekindle Foundation is delighted to announce six funded and fully supported research placements for young people (ages 15-25)  to explore the difference that state education could make to the lives of learners from working class communities and exploring approaches in education which may make a positive difference.

Training, support and funding will be provided. No previous experience is required; our focus is on originality and critical thinking.

Ambitious Determination

Our education system and its outcomes are currently tiered by class, race and geography, leading to worse outcomes and fewer opportunities for far too many learners and poor mental health for both young people and education staff.

The failure to address this inequality over the past decades is exacerbated by a chronic shortage of new ideas and youth voices. The Rekindle Foundation is setting out to change this with ambitious determination.


What is the Rekindle Foundation?

We are a non-profit organisation committed to transforming education on a nationwide scale. This is for two key reasons:

  • Young people from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and those from minoritised ethnic backgrounds are currently failed by the system.
  • Those working with young people within the system can feel it breaking, are exhausted and feel increasingly hopeless, lacking trust in current government-led efforts to make anything better.

Rooted in the success of Rekindle Supplementary schools, and utilising exceptional work already being done by so many young people, schools and organisations nationwide, we want to support, capture and amplify.

The Rekindle Foundation facilitates collaboration, innovation and brave steps forward, before capturing and distilling what is working and then disseminating this more widely for greater impact. And we do it for free.

The Rekindle Foundation is growing the network of those who know a change is needed, who want equitable outcomes and an enjoyable educational experience for both young people and those who support them.

Who does the Rekindle Foundation work with?

We mean it when we say that ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and we are committed to ensuring that all those passionate about the change that is needed are able to contribute, to have their voices heard and to be able to make a difference.

Young people

The core and heart of why we’re doing what we’re doing:

  • If you have strong ideas about what would make a meaningful difference in education of all young people to make learning a more joyful and successful experience for all, we would love to hear from you and find out more
  • If you are 16-25 and want to apply for one of our research places to find out more about the opportunities we have to participate in and lead research, you can reach us here


A pivotal and powerful force for change without whom we can’t succeed:

  • If you are a teacher, support staff member, leader or trainee, and you want to learn more about our vision or to be a part of the conversation, please reach out to us
  • If you feel that you are a ‘Rekindle’ educator at heart and that we can learn from what you’re doing, we would love to hear from you

Academics and researchers

Those who provide us with the evidence-based reflection and critical thinking that we need to make our work truly impactful:

  • If you are involved in academia and/or research relating to either education and/or the underserved groups above, your work could prove so powerful in our journey and we’d love to talk about how we could work together
  • If you’re interested in supporting our youth-led research, we would be so grateful to hear from you


Your young people thrive with your input and we grow with your input:

  • If you’d like to contribute to our gathering of voices and feel that you may be able to contribute ideas, time or skills, you can help us here

Corporate Friends

Without you, our dreams would never have got off the ground in the first place:

  • A corporate partnership with Rekindle isn’t just about us asking you for money. A partnership with Rekindle means sharing our long-term vision to support young people to create real change and impact. A partnership with us is as much about you gaining from the relationship, as it is for us.

How can I contact you or find out more?

We’d love to hear from you. For general enquiries, you can email or call 07860 155 562. There is a separate email for research-related enquiries:, and any safeguarding or child-protection matters can be sent to

Funded by

  • Katy R — £40 + £10 Gift Aid
  • Anna — £30 + £7.50 Gift Aid
  • Kayzi, Emmanuel and Roman — £20
  • Dan P — £20
  • Anonymous friend — £65K
  • Akilah — £50
  • Anita Morris Associates — £100
  • Callum O — £20
  • Marina N — £20
  • Mike & Dawn — £50
  • Nina — £30
  • Laurie B — £20
  • Omni RMS — £100
  • Katy S — £10
  • Alex T — £20
  • Dougal — £100
  • Nigel W — £50

Support us

By making a donation to Rekindle, you’ll be supporting the young people who attend the supplementary school.